Austin Wedding Photos

As you know, we got married in the thick of the pandemic last year (pre-vaccines), March 2nd, 2021. We tied the knot at this beautiful, historic Airbnb in Austin, TX, with just 7 members of our immediate family: Glen's parents, Glen's brother's family, and Alison's mom. Everything about the wedding was DIY (with the help of these lovely 7 people + professional photographer), which Alison had a lot of fun planning for. Alison's dad was unfortunately not able to make this ceremony due to COVID travel restrictions, which is why this Seoul wedding ceremony means even more to him. 

We did have people zoom in, but we opened it up to just our extended family members (and Alison's dad) to make it more manageable, so our friends were not able to see the ceremony.

So we are sharing some of our favorite photos from the Austin ceremony here for you to enjoy! We are excited to have even more wedding photos after this November, this time with friends and more family members!